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Something great is happening and it’s an Emergency. Not the bad type of emergency, it’s something born out of the fear of nothing happening.

Emergency year 1…

In the summer of 2014 Sault Ste. Marie saw a few major summer events come to an end because of lack of funding, seeing it as an opportunity as well as an emergency, local event organizers sought to change this situation.

The team at Loplops decided a street festival was in order. This one day festival saw local and touring acts perform on Queen St. with multiple stages, and was free for the public to attend. The weather was perfect, and the event was a success.

Fast forward 1 year later…

Now in its second year, the festival is hoping to expand its reach within the community. This year’s event will feature touring and local bands on multiple stages, an art display courtesy of The Sault Ste. Marie Arts Council, vendors, and activities for the whole family.

This one day event will be held from 12pm-9pm August 15th, 2015. Featuring free stages, as well as a licensed ticketed area.

Lineup is still being added to but it’s looking good…

Sunparlour Players

Tasman Jude

Fast Romantics

Poor Young Things

The Pixo Control



Zachary Lucky


Why we need your help?

Festivals cost a lot of money and sponsorship continues to be another “emergency” in our community as large businesses cut back. Most importantly we want to pay artists what they’re worth. We’re asking you to help us raise $10,000 to continue the Emergency. Your contribution will also help with transportation, deposits, supplies, technical equipment, decor, and any other associated costs. We want the people of Sault Ste. Marie to have the best experience possible and you can help with this endeavor by donating today.

The link below will take you to our Indiegogo campaign.



20 something event organizer, and promoter of all things hip in Sault Ste. Marie and beyond. Projects include: Festival of Beer, Girl Friday Productions and Loplops Promotions.

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