Nellie’s bonus blog, CANADA DAY EDITION

July 1st, 2015 at 4:29pm by
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The bonus blog falls on everyone’s most patriotic day, OH CANADA BABY! This edition is all things Canada.

Indie 88 has your ridiculously Canadian songs covered, here’s a taste. For more greats click the here.

A song about simpler times growing up in Northern Ontario sung by an absolute Canadian icon.


Lewis Hong Chow: A Great Canadian By: David Helwig- Sootoday

Learn about a great Canadian and Saultite.



A great event for Canada Day celebrations. 

What once was docks has your music and fireworks for tonight, $10 entry.




HAPPY DAY! Also this…






20 something event organizer, and promoter of all things hip in Sault Ste. Marie and beyond. Projects include: Festival of Beer, Girl Friday Productions and Loplops Promotions.

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  • Come on weather!!!!! Let's have a party
    @LopLopLounge on Jul 12 '17 at 06:31pm
  • Hoping that he brings in Sunny Days to the Sault when he play Loplops this Wednesday!!! Check him out, free show.
    @LopLopLounge on Jun 5 '17 at 03:55pm
  • Hollerado playing my favorite song - Americana - at Loplops. #loplopslounge
    @LopLopLounge on May 31 '17 at 02:47am
  • JUNO Award winners - The Good Lovelies - coming to Kiwanis Theater on Friday May 26th. Tickets available at the...
    @LopLopLounge on May 25 '17 at 10:30pm
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