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The Din WSG The Autumn Roots at Loplops on May 20 at 9:00pm

The Din may best be described as a millennial band with a 90s sound, 80s fonts, 70s influence, and 60s imagery. The group is best known for translating its catchy original music and visible chemistry, into strong live performances and online videos that people can’t stop watching. With Tammy Hill’s incredible guitar skills, the unique voice of Mike Haggith, and Brandan Glew’s passionate and dynamic drumming, it’s no surprise so many have opted to Give In To The Din!

The Autumn Roots have grown deep in the North, and they chronicle the paths of three adventures, the Heroic Captain Jeremy Hannah, accompanied by Space Cowboy Chase Wigmore, and guided by the Sage Wisdom of the One They Call Carlos, as they explore strange bars and exotic venues in search of gold, beer, green women and space dragons. Godspeed.

$5, 19+, Doors at 9!

  • Hoping that he brings in Sunny Days to the Sault when he play Loplops this Wednesday!!! Check him out, free show.
    @LopLopLounge on Jun 5 '17 at 03:55pm
  • Hollerado playing my favorite song - Americana - at Loplops. #loplopslounge
    @LopLopLounge on May 31 '17 at 02:47am
  • JUNO Award winners - The Good Lovelies - coming to Kiwanis Theater on Friday May 26th. Tickets available at the...
    @LopLopLounge on May 25 '17 at 10:30pm
  • RT @SaultEDC: This month marks the 1yr anniversary of the opening of our @TheMillworksSSM. To celebrate, the public is invited to a come-an…
    @LopLopLounge on May 24 '17 at 10:13pm
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