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  • My Son the Hurricane on October 28

    My Son the Hurricane

    Last show sold out so fast that the band decided to come back for a special SSM show. Don't miss out this time - get your tickets early. My Son the Hurricane is exactly that - they blow in to town and rip things apart in the process. A fixture on the music scene here in SSM thanks to hometown hero, Dan O'Shea, this band has been selling out shows everytime they visit. A little bit of hip hop, a little bit of jazz and a whole lot of funkyness is what is being served each time they hit the stage. One of the best shows you will see this fall, guaranteed.

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    @LopLopLounge on Oct 18 '17 at 04:35pm
  • Upcoming Events - Check out what's new at Loplops #loplopslounge
    @LopLopLounge on Oct 18 '17 at 04:35pm
  • Wilderness of Manitoba sound checking for their show tonight - swing on by.
    @LopLopLounge on Oct 13 '17 at 11:48pm
  • Check these guys out tonight - Free Show - with out friends The Din.
    @LopLopLounge on Oct 11 '17 at 07:54pm
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