Local arts and culture group Ears and Eyes continue their Vinyl Listening Parties this month, for the first time at Loplops Lounge. That’s right people, you can now have a beer while listening to your choice of record!


These parties aim to bring people together for the sole purpose of sharing music, specifically on vinyl.

There’s a difference in listening to a record rather than a CD or digital file and it’s not just better sound quality. Vinyl creates a physical experience with music, you have to touch the record, flip it over and inspect the artwork. Maybe records can be fragile but that’s all part of the experience. A scratch or warbley sound may take you to a place and time in which you first listened to that particular record; nostalgia at it’s finest.

My experience with vinyl began when my Dad decided he would invest in an old turntable. The sounds of Skynyrd, Queen, and Little Feat would filter up through the floorboards, and it sounded good, way better than my crappy mp3 dock. I would often sneak downstairs to my Dad’s man cave, and sift through the dusty old records making discoveries as I went. To date some of those discoveries remain my favourites.


I remember the first time I heard Rumors. I had heard some of the songs before but never in that order and never on vinyl. The way the album starts off with the upbeat track Second Hand News, then ends with Songbird on side one, and starts back up again with The Chain on side two, had me hooked. Reading along with the album sleeve and absorbing the lyrics as I went, scanning the pictures of a young Stevie Nicks and band, made me want to know every little detail of these mythical artists. For months after this discovery I read, listened to and fell in love with all that is Fleetwood Mac.


Since then I’ve adopted many of those records and continue to add to the collection. I’ve owned a couple turntables of my own, and no longer have to sneak to the basement to listen. Most of my weekends consist of listening to vinyl with friends and what starts out as a pretty ordinary night, turns into a living room dance party. There’s nothing better than the sweet disco sounds of The Village People pumping through the speakers, while tearing up the carpet.

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