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There's always LOTS going on at LopLops. Check out our lineup below and reserve a ticket or two!

DJ Seith at Loplops on April 22 at 11:00pm

The after after party! Join us after The Wooden Sky to hear Dj Seith spin. Free entry for SSM FOB ticket holders.

DJ Seith is a turntablist from Sault Ste. Marie, ON who displays an intensity and fervor often unseen in Northern Ontario. He can be found performing live mixes for crowds, combining hip-hop, rock, funk, soul and pop music together in new and interesting ways, using only two turntables and a crate of vinyl. His attention to detail and ability to engage crowds of all sizes has earned DJ Seith opening spots for Choclair, DVBBS, Moka Only, and A Tribe Called Red. He has also spearheaded the Soo York City Urban Arts Collective, which is a group of like-minded Northern Ontarians committed to furthering the positive tenets of hip-hop culture through collaboration and inclusiveness.




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