Good things come in twelves? Elves?

This holiday season we have quite the lineup in store for all your social gatherings.

The second week of December is here and there’s still lots to catch at Loplops.

First things first, the staff is ready for the holidays!

Our very own Hillary “I love crop tops” Pagnucco will be slinging some drink creations specially made up for certain performances.

Steve’s beard is in full grizzly mode, he’s sort of our own fashion Santa. If you don’t know who fashion Santa is yet click here.

Lastly, Ms. Echo is all about “Kritsmas” as she likes to call it. Just ask her, her opinion on Wet Bandit shenanigans. Look out she’s excitable!

Music, Art, and Celebrating three things we are really good at!


The Marwills 11/12- 5-piece Sex Rock band based in Toronto, ON, tight, ballsy, and bluesy

The Pixo Control Album Release 12/12- Just another rock and roll band

Paul Yendell Art 16/12- Art show

Cindy Doire & Sara Fitzpatrick 17/12- Folk

Dany Laj & The Looks 18/12- Power Pop/Rock and Roll

That 90’s Band 19/12- 90’s covers by some of SSM’s finest

Kylie and the Somethings 22/12- Folk/Indie/Acoustic

The Boothill Crooners 23/12- Bluegrass, Alt- Folk

Frank Deresti & The Lake Effect 26/12- Roots

Kalle Mattson 27/12- Singer songwriter, Folk, Alt

Frank n’ Jay 28/12- Folk

The 12 Musicians 29/12- Mix of genres, event is sold out!