Longer days and sunshine ahead!

Here comes Spring and we’re ready!


FOOD is back! In case you didn’t know the pizza’s went away for a holiday but now they’re back with a few editions.

Individual gourmet pizzas, soft baked pretzels with curried yogurt, house made hummus with feta almond spread on warm pita, and nachos with your choice of toppings.

Wednesday Nachos and a pint, Thursday is pizza and a pint special.

Available every day that we’re open!

Thursday March 17, 2015- St. Patrick’s Day

Guiness, Kilkenny, Harp, Smithwicks,  and Guiness Stew! Top it off with an Irish Whiskey and you’ve got yourself a proper St. Paddy’s! Bar opens at 4pm.

Friday March 18, 2016- K.I.C.K and Eclipse


K.I.C.K. is an indie rock band from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, with bluesy undertones to their often melodic and rock-fused groove. With a number of musical influences like prog-rock and good old grassroots story-telling, K.I.C.K.’s energetic performances are guaranteed to take you on a fantastic journey.

Saturday March 19, 2016- Billy Moon and Walrus


Billy Moon is a “simple yet forceful crunchy guitar and energetic percussion” (Pinball Sessions) that makes fun, poppy rock songs. With hundreds of shows under his belt, (that include shows with Nada Surf, Born Ruffians and Will Butler), and a pile of new material waiting to be released, Billy Moon is about to become that band you love so much and hate that everyone else does too.

Walrus is from Halifax. Comprised of four members channeling their inner psychedelia, songs range from trance to surf. Their music will adhere to all levels of inebriation or consciousness. Walrus takes you swiftly into a dream you’ll find yourself never wanting to wake up from. Goo goo ga’joob.

Friday March 25, 2016- DJ Seith and the Refind


The ReFind is a monthly shindig bringing people together to dance to funk, disco, soul, uptempo jazz, and hip-hop.  Curated by DJ Seith and featuring a rotating roster of vinyl DJs, The ReFind is a return to the dancefloor with a touch of class.  Come fall in love all over again.

Saturday March 26, 2016- The Boothill Crooners


The Jaaskelainen brothers will be back on the stage with their originals and bluegrass covers of popular grunge songs from the 90’s.

These guys always get the dance floor packed and stumbly.