1) Controversial topic : is there any correlation between being vegetarian and promiscuous ? I’m not saying there is , I’m just saying I’ve yet to meet a vegetarian who’s not up for a good time. Discuss.

2) The nights that lead in to mornings are what I’m most grateful for. The shared giggles and pots of coffee .

3) There is a NKOTB/Nelly/TLC concert coming up. My childhood is screaming at me to go and squeal my face off , clearly with a bandaid on my face. Creep, ride wit me , step by step … holla attcha girl !

4) This week I learned about eyelash extensions. This seems to be the Bar-Stars dream! Imagine a world where its possible to go out for the night sans survival pack 2.0 and wake up looking like a Maybelline commercial?? now its possible. miraculous.

5) Meatloaf – my achilles heel.    On vinyl its just pure euphoria .  Life hack : if I’m ever giving you the gears or genuinely upset. Music has charms to sooth the savage beast, use it wisely.

6)  I served a fresh face today. It was his 19th birthday. He tipped appropriately. High five chum! You are an excellent human being!

7) Male tongue rings : for or against ? Discuss.

8) I was never one to buy into the art of divination, however I do appreciate the art of reading people which I don’t think are very far off from each other. Just different tools.  This past Tuesday I had my tarot cards read, and maybe I’m an open book, but she nailed it.  Impressive and freaky. Great way to spend a Tuesday with the girls. And Ray. Worst.

9) Dear Cineplex, Calling your employees “Cast Members” does not make their job any less awful.  Your butter is still imitation and your floors are still sticky. Love, Everyone.

10) They should have a class in high school on how to “Adult” . Examples: doing your taxes . Always having fresh socks. How many boxes of kraft dinner can you buy at a time before the clerk gives you that sad look. Things you should never say to your mother in law. How to calculate compound interest. Things that are deemed “inappropriate” at corporate parties.  How to properly compliment the opposite sex without ending up on the registered offenders list. How to properly use a chefs knife. How to properly hide the evidence.


Hit the Bricks , Loppers !


Cheers xo