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  • Dany Laj and the Looks on February 25

    Dany Laj and the Looks

    Dany Laj is back with the Looks! Montreal Power Pop from a born and bred Northern Ontario guy. $7 About [embed][/embed]

  • Amberwood w/ Hearing Trees on March 3

    Amberwood w/ Hearing Trees

    Amberwood Waterloo Hearing Trees Winnipeg $5!

  • Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers on March 4

    Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers

    In like a lion with Ben Caplan this March 4th! Presented by: Girl Friday Productions Advance- $15 available at A charismatic charmer and a smasher of pianos. A madman and an earnest poet. A strummer of delicate chords and a lover of bent and broken melodies. Ben Caplan is not any one thing. As he releases his second album, he's already gained a following in more than a dozen countries from Australia to Europe and across North America. It's no surprise. Caplan is simply unforgettable; with his huge beard and unruly mane, he is as visually striking as he is aurally compelling. His rough and textured tones cut through crowded halls; an enormous voice, roaring louder than raucous crowds. The microphone looks almost superfluous. But looks are deceiving; once he has your attention, Caplan can croon smoother than a glass of single malt whisky, pouring beauty into a harsh world. Inspired in part by Eastern European and Jewish folk traditions, Ben Caplan mixes older musical sensibilities with his own soul, straight from his hairy heart. Lyrically, you've not heard the like before. Often edgy and dark, Caplan holds a mirror up to show us our nasty bits, singing about the ugliness and showing us that this darkness is the root of the sublime. His new album, Birds with Broken Wings, explodes with sounds both ancient and modern, with more than 30 musicians and even more instruments, combining acoustic sounds from around the world. It's all smoothly blended by the hottest international production team around. It's uncharted territory, and Caplan's leading the way.

  • Elliott Brood on April 20

    Elliott Brood

    One of Loplops favourites are back! GIRL FRIDAY presents ELLIOTT BROOD 1 night only in SSM 4/20 Tickets are on sale now at for $25 About EB Formed in 2002, Elliott Brood (the name, a bastardized homage to the fem fatal character in the 1984 Baseball film 'The Natural') united teenage pals Sasso and Laforet over their grown-up love for Neil Young, the Band and the Flying Burrito Brothers. Pitkin was an accidental miracle: he fell into the group after working sound at one of their earliest concerts, offering to record their first EP. Tin Type was a college radio hit and soon this compact trio was making some big noise. Across five subsequent albums, sharing vocals and trading instruments - each of the band-members seems to play everything - Elliott Brood have become one of the premier acts in Canadian roots music. For their fifth album, Elliott Brood wanted to break things. 2008's Mountain Meadows was shortlisted for the Polaris Prize, and the band's last record, Days Into Years, won a 2011 Juno award for roots album of the year. Now was the time to smash the precedents, break the mould. To withdraw to a farmhouse in Bath, Ontario, hammering out nine songs in two weeks. These songs are loud and quiet but mostly loud, and always reaching toward something. First loves, lost loves, fuck-ups and young men's just desserts. Laforet has called Work and Love a "lament for youth", but it's also a eulogy for the moments that came just after, on the doorstep of manhood. It's music of remembered abandon, new burdens, and those nights, years ago, when the moonlit fields seemed to go on forever. It's Elliott Brood at their sheerest, facing forward and backward at the same time. [embed][/embed]

  • SSM Festival Of Beer Part VI on April 22

    SSM Festival Of Beer Part VI

    Get your Saturday tasting tickets now, 12pm-6pm at the Bushplane Museum! $35 Email confirmation will serve as your tickets.      

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