The concept of a thought inducing blog had crossed my mind when presented with the idea from Steve and Elise. Only to be hit with the hard reality : it is very rare that i have any thought that is long enough to be a “short and sweet” blog post. I will either bore you to tears with the shear length and detail of a redundant point , or I will only give you a small insight to my genius that answers no questions and gives you nothing to take away from it. These my friends, were my options. Naturally I chose the latter.
So for you amusement , I will be posting a list. A list of 10 things that have crossed my mind this week. whether they are the adventures of my life , the secrets, the levels of weird i encounter daily, or just a list of ridiculousness : this is what i offer you.

1) If you’ve ever wondered how to clear a bar with a jukebox, try playing ” Joni MItchell- Case of you” . Not the great version from practical magic, but the awkward rendition that instantly transports you to a place of cheap boxed wine , bad perfume and shame. With the slight tones of flute solos in the background. …deep regrets.

2) I really want to learn Russian. Mainly because from what I understand about Russia , they keep warm with fur and liquor. My kind of people. Rosetta Stone- don’t let me down!

3) The career of Enrique Iglesias : WAY better post mole. You know i’m right.

4) Goal in life : to master the selfie. Then i will send said selfie to all the contacts in my phone. Heads up friends, things are about to get weird.

5) Does anyone else really miss the band Aqua? Just by pure chance I heard the song “Barbie Girl” and got way more excited then any 27 year old woman should over a song she had once preformed in a talent show when she was in grade 5. No shame. No regrets.

6) It has been five years, and Billy Ray Cyrus still eludes me. I need him. I need him to complete my apartment aesthetic.

7) Based solely on how I react when I drop food in a dark movie theatre , I will NEVER look cool walking away from an explosion. Fact.

8) My friend told me the other day that he always sits to pee. Always. Is that a normal thing for men to do , or is it in fact as strange as i find it to be?

9) I spent the day writing a letter to a man i had never met before. He is an excellent writer and one hell of a funny guy , i simply wanted him to know how great his contribution to the world is. It turned out much creepier than intended. Thank gawd he liked it and i didn’t get slapped with a restraining order.

10) Worst feeling in the world : arriving at a destination you know you are going to be at for a few hours , dedicated time, no leaving : you forgot deodorant. You stink, your stuck. Way to be champ, you had one job.

Hit the bricks, Loppers !

Cheers ! xo