1) I am officially down to three out of the original six wine glasses at home. Classic Boudz. Clearly I take after my mother !

2) No song will ever make you feel more like a bad ass than “O.D.B – got your money” roll through town, regardless of season and try not to put your windows down. I dare you.

3) There is a website that you can send literal poop to your enemies anonymously. That is the bee’s knees. You have your choice of poop from various animals and sizes dependant on the amount of hatred that is coursing through your veins. That is awesome. Play nice comrades, Im not afraid to send you poop.

4) Actually over heard some one getting excited for the new ‘Corner Gas’ movie.. you have real problems my friend.

5) Sweetie, sweetheart, NO! Don’t ever call a bartender terrible pet names. You’re gross. STAHP!

6) Boblems… Never ending Boblems…

7) For Christmas this year , I received a lovely giraffe onesie from my brother. Then it hit me, I’m a grown woman with multiple onesies. I could be a different animal daily. In no way is that sad.

8) While out and about , I caught a stranger admiring my boots . They are my favourite boots. So out of no control of my own, I threw them a wink and the guns … that was a wrong choice.

9) There are two types of people in the world . a) People who get the urge to shove strangers into snowbanks while passing on the side walk. b) liars.

10) Watched ‘Love Actually’ the other day, Colin Firth looks like he would be the worst kisser ever. Ew. ¬†Actually had to turn away from that “romantic” disaster. ¬†Step your game up Mr. Firth!!!


Hit the bricks, Loppers !

Cheers !! xo