I had the privilege of calling myself friend to a great man. These are some of my favourite things about the inventor of “The Smashlov”.

1) The man would devastate a CBP ( Chicken Ball Poutine) in a matter of minutes and without skipping a beat would order a number 2 combo explaining that even though the CBP was filling, it was not diverse enough for his pallet.

2) “You’re Handsome” – written backwards, was always my favourite amongst his amazing collection of absolutely absurd shirts.

3) The late night beers to swap bar horror stories. I’ll miss that. No one could be quite so eloquent when cutting off a drunk than dear Pat Casey,

4) The pure love he had for his sister. Inspiring.

5) My first karaoke experience , I’m proud to say, was with this sassy little critter. Electric Six – Gay Bar. You have created a monster.

6) You were the perfect date to a terrible corporate party. ( Featuring Kim Mitchell, Paaaaaatio lanternnnnsss!) Smiling when need be, finding the bar at the right time and the exact amount of sharp quips to keep your date entertained. You are a true gentleman.

7) The look you used to throw across the room when someone was unknowingly embarrassing , is forever burned into my head.

8) Smart, logical, sensible. These are the reasons I trusted you . These are the reasons why we could geek out over comedians and dumb shows. Eating our weight in BBQ and chatting about your secret not so secret girlfriend that was dating you but you weren’t dating. Adorable.

9) There was always a partial fear when posting to Facebook, knowing a Casey post was coming to disprove or disapprove of said post. Fighting with your sass on social media was always a pleasure.

10) Your dumb laugh is something I won’t soon forget. The closed mouth laugh with the single dimple, followed quickly after by the head shake and eye roll. That was my favourite side of you.

You were my friend and confidant. I plan on raising some sweet beery wine to the sky for you my friend. You always know the appropriate amount of asshole to make me smile. I love you. I’ll see you in every guilty smirk, unsure laughter and reassuring shrug, ya smug bastard!

Cheers Old Man. xoxo